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David Furlow


Vice President & CFO

David is a CPA and Licensed Community Association Manager, with degrees in Economics and Accounting/Finance and over 25 years of experience as the CFO of large corporations. He holds the CMCA designation from CAI. David was named Central Florida CFO of the year in 2011 and he oversees Leland’s accounting and collections departments. David is also certified by the state of Florida to provide accredited continuing education classes to managers and board members. He is currently serving on the Florida Legislative Alliance for CAI.



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Living with wildlife in Florida

Florida is home to an amazing array of wildlife many of which are protected by Federal or State laws and regulations. From birds and fish to reptiles, Florida has it all. Florida’s wildlife and human populations are encountering each other more often than ever before. As people develop more open space and wildlife habitat is …

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Over and Beyond Our Needs

"We receive solicitations from other management companies, I however have no interest in switching away from Leland, our history with Leland in particular with Manager's performance goes over and beyond meeting our communities needs."

- Robert, Board President

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