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Dustin Heaton

Director of Accounting

Dustin Heaton joined Leland Management in November of 2009 and has multiple roles as a Director of Accounting. He takes pride in communication and assisting board members to help them make the best decisions possible for their respective communities. Dustin also oversees a team who provide full service accounting for associations all across Florida as well as assists in training and mentoring. He received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida in Finance. Dustin has over 10 years of accounting experience primarily in the association management industry.



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Living with wildlife in Florida

Florida is home to an amazing array of wildlife many of which are protected by Federal or State laws and regulations. From birds and fish to reptiles, Florida has it all. Florida’s wildlife and human populations are encountering each other more often than ever before. As people develop more open space and wildlife habitat is …

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"I do not know who did what today, but ladies you have made my day. Only this morning I felt I was going to have a big problem, and now at 3 p.m. it is a problem no more. Thank you both for rescuing my day."

- Joe Presti

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