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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Leland Management been managing community associations?

Leland Management has been managing community associations for 20 years.

How many employees does Leland Management have?

Leland Management has over 400 employees.

How many Licensed Community Association Managers does Leland Management have on staff?

Leland Management has approximately 95 Licensed Community Association Managers on staff.

Where is Leland Management located?

Leland Management’s corporate office is located in Orlando. We have divisional offices in Tampa, Ocala, Jacksonville, Palm Coast, Amelia Island, Daytona Beach, Eustis, Clermont, Orange Park, St. Augustine, Gainesville, Debary, Sarasota, and Rockledge.

What size communities does Leland Management serve?

Leland Management serves communities varying in size from less than 50 to over 4000 homes, ranging from homes designed for first time home buyers to those with the most exclusive estates.

Does Leland Management provide a community web portal and/or website?

Leland Management provides a basic web portal for all our clients that provides access to community documents and ability to schedule community events at no charge. Leland Management can provide a complete website for the association at an additional charge. This website gives owners and board members access to association open delinquencies, compliance, invoices, announcements, and more.

How many communities does Leland Management serve?

We manage approximately 400 associations.

What level of customer service does Leland Management provide?

Our extensive experience allows us to provide the support and guidance necessary for our clients to maintain and enhance the quality and value of their community. We tailor our services to meet the needs of each association. While we are large enough to manage any size community, we are family owned and take a personal interest in the management of every one of our communities.

What services can Leland Management provide?

Leland Management is a full service community association management firm that offers complete support to Florida Homeowners and Condominium Associations. We manage associations with thousands of homes and condominiums throughout Florida. We can provide full time on site management, maintenance, support personnel, supervision and payroll services to the employees of the association, or provide accounting only services.

What kind of welcome packets are provided to a new owner?

Leland Management will send a welcome letter to each new owner. If the community has an established welcome packet in place, Leland Management would be willing to work with that as well.

What services does the Manager provide at a Board Meeting?

Generally, the Community Association Manager will prepare the agenda and meeting packets, support the Board of Directors and provide information and answers to homeowner questions, take the meeting minutes, present proposals, and provide manager updates.

Does Leland Management have the ability to accept electronic payments and payment plans from owners for their dues?

Leland Management can accept credit card payments and echeck payments directly to the bank, online. Payment plan requests are presented to the Board for approval or established with the association's attorney if the matter has progressed to legal action.

What kind of training will Leland Management provide to the Board?

Leland Management and several of our staff are certified by the State of Florida to teach accredited continuing education classes to Community Association Managers and board members. Leland Management provides board orientation classes and state approved condo board certification classes that are open to all communities. These classes are consistently given the highest ratings on participant surveys. We also forward legal updates and changes to the laws that pertain to association management to our Boards on a regular basis.

What does Leland Management expect from the Board of Directors?

Leland Management will work with the Board to set standards and policies for the community in accordance with the association documents and maintain good communication with the homeowners of the community.

How does Leland Management handle situations where the manager assigned to a community is sick or on vacation?

At Leland Management, we strongly believe in a team approach to association management. All communities have a backup and/or senior manager who is involved and familiar with the community. The backup is available if a manager is sick or on vacation or if they need additional assistance with a meeting, vendors, etc. Additionally each community is assigned an accounting manager who is familiar with your community and can help resolve situations that may come up if the manager is not available.

Who performs community inspections for Leland Management?

The Community Association Manager will perform regular inspections of the community. We feel this is important as it allows the manager to fully understand the issues facing the community.

How often do you provide community inspections?

Our standard inspection schedule is bi-weekly. This schedule allows adequate time for homeowners to comply with violation notices.

What is the length of the contract?

Our agreements are for a term of one year that can be canceled for non-performance.

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