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Account Questions

What is my account number?
Your account number is a unique ten-digit number assigned to your property. It can be found at the top of each payment coupon page and in any correspondence from Leland Management. If you are unable to locate it, send an email requesting this information to Leland Management at residentsupport@lelandmanagement.com.
How can I check my account balance?
If you have a login for your resident web portal, simply log in and you will find your current account balance on the left side of the screen. For more details, click Accounting in the menu at the top and your Account History will open. To create a login, refer to the web portal FAQs.
Who is my Community Association Manager?
Refer to the second of the three large green icons on the right of this webpage, Contact Us, this contains the name of the Community Association Manager (CAM), telephone number and a button labelled Email CAM. Simply Click on the Email CAM and the Contact Leland Management window will open to enable you to send a message to your CAM.


Payment Questions

Are checks or money orders accepted?
Yes, they are.
Who do I make my payment out to?
Make payments payable to the community association, e.g. The Lakes of Windermere HOA would be the payee. Please DO NOT make payments payable to Leland Management or your Alliance Association Bank as this will cause them to be returned.
Where do I mail my payment?
Alliance Association Bank, PO Box 621055, Orlando, FL 32862
Do I need a coupon to make a payment?
No. Please add your account number and property address to the memo section of your check.
How long does it take for my payment to clear my bank?
Payment processing times vary from 5 to 7 business days depending on the payment method you use. We recommend that you submit payments at least 7 business days before the due date to avoid additional charges.
What address do I use to set up a payment through my bank bill pay?
Use the following address and be sure to include your 10-digit account number. Alliance Association Bank, PO Box 621055, Orlando, FL 32862 .
How do I make a payment online?
  • Click on one of the 3 Easy Ways to Pay depicted on this webpage, either Credit Card, E-Check, or Mail.
  • Clicking the Credit Card option will ask you to go to the web portal:
    • i. Click on the Web Portal Login button and your resident login screen will open. Log in using your username and password. Your resident web portal will now open. (Refer to FAQ: How do I create a login for my community web portal? if you need to create an account.)
    • ii. Click Pay Now and the Pay Now window will open giving you three options. Options 2 and 3 allow you to pay using your credit card. Option 2 is thru Alliance Bank who charge a convenience fee of 2.95% and Option 3 is thru PayLease who charge a convenience fee of $8.95. PayLease accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards. Alliance accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards. iii. Click on your preferred option 2 or 3 and follow the prompts to make your payment
  • Clicking either eCheck option (One Time or Recurring) will open a WELCOME screen. i. To set up a recurring/automatic payment you will need to start by creating a new user account. Click on the first menu item at the foot of the page, Create Account, and follow the instructions. When the New User setup is complete you will be sent a link to the Login page (second menu item) to verify your email address and enable you to add your property and create a recurring/automatic/eCheck payment. Be sure to set up all assessment payments for the exact amount, the right frequency according to your Association’s governing documents (monthly or quarterly), and with a start date of the first of the month when assessment payments are due. ii. To make a One Time eCheck payment you can either: follow the same steps as for a recurring eCheck payment in (i) above, selecting One-Time instead of Recurring; or select the third menu item at the bottom of screen One-Time eCheck Payment, and follow the instructions. Note: eCheck payments are free
  • Clicking the Mail option will ask you to use your payment coupon. Coupons with the return address are mailed annually to homeowners. If you cannot find your coupons, please contact Leland Management at assessments@lelandmanagement.com.
What does it cost to make a payment online?
The convenience fee for using your credit card is $8.95 if you use PayLease and 2.95% of the payment amount if you use Alliance Association Bank. Alliance processes eChecks free of charge and charges a $5.00 for you to use your Debit Card.
How do I edit/delete a recurring/automatic/ACH payment with Alliance Bank?
Log in to your account, the dashboard will open, click on Edit to make any corrections or Delete to stop a payment and follow the directions. This must be processed at least five business days prior to the scheduled automatic payment and does not apply to one-time payments.
How do I cancel my recurring/automatic/ACH payment with Alliance Bank?
To cancel the account, email your request to Leland Management at assessments@lelandmanagement.com and include the Association name, property address, your name and contact details, and homeowner’s name if different. This must be processed at least five business days prior to the scheduled automatic payment and does not apply to one-time payments.
Can I pay by phone?
Yes, PayLease will accept (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover) credit card and eCheck payments over the telephone. This is an automated service option that will walk you through the payment process. The fee for an automated phone eCheck payment is $1.95 and a phone credit card payment $8.95. If you choose to have a live representative key in the information for you, there will be an additional $9.95 added to the automated service fee. The phone number to call in payments to is 866.729.5327. Choose option 1 to say you are a homeowner and then 1 again to make a payment.


Web Portal Questions

These are the first four characters of your community association’s name, excluding the word “The” if used. For example, the first 4 letters for The Townhomes of Country Road HOA are TOWN, omitting “The”.
How do I create a login for my community web portal?
  • Go to http://lelandmanagement.com/contents/resident-portal This will open a page with a large green Resident Login button.
  • Enter the name of your community association; exclude the word “The” if used. Click the GO button.
  • This may open a page with multiple matches first, if so, Click on the correct match. A new page will open with a large green Web Portal Login icon on the right. Click the Account Information button.
  • A new page will open to create your personal login. Click Create login below the Login button. The Registration screen will open.
  • Enter your Leland Account Number and Email address. Click Submit Registration button. A window will open that says Registration Successful and you will be sent an email. The email will have New Account Registration in the subject line and contain the link to create your login and password.
  • Click on the link. The Create login credentials window will open. Enter your new username and password for your account. Click Submit button.
  • Once submitted, you can return to the resident portal (link in step 1 above), access your community by entering the community name, click on the web portal login button, and log in to your account using your new username and password. Your account will open.


Closing Questions

How do I order closing documents?
  • Go to www.communitydocsnow.com. This is a website designed to help title companies, closing agents and owners obtain the documents, certificates and forms needed to facilitate the sale of property governed by a community association. To place an order:
  • Online - scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Place Order and follow the instructions
  • By mail, click on Apply by Mail, print the order form, complete it and mail to Leland Management along with check or money order made payable to Leland Management at 6972 Lake Gloria Blvd., Orlando, FL 32809-3200.
What does your order has been shipped mean?
The www.communitydocsnow.com order status your order has been shipped means that it has been shipped to the Leland Management Closings Department to be processed by the due date chosen.
Has my order been completed?
Certificates and documents are returned to the nominated person on the order, by the due date.




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