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Holly Connell

Director of Resident Support

Holly joined the Leland team in 2011. She brought with her over ten years of experience in management with large corporations. Holly now oversees a team who strives to exceed in proving the best service to Leland’s clients. She was awarded the Leland World of Difference accolade in 2017. Holly carries board certification and attends management training throughout the year to be an effective leader.



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Living with wildlife in Florida

Florida is home to an amazing array of wildlife many of which are protected by Federal or State laws and regulations. From birds and fish to reptiles, Florida has it all. Florida’s wildlife and human populations are encountering each other more often than ever before. As people develop more open space and wildlife habitat is …

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Professionalism and Courtesy

"THANK YOU for your time and attention to my request. Your professionalism and courtesy was greatly appreciated at the end of my work day. I could hear your smile through the phone as you emailed me my assessment so quickly! "

- Helene, HOA Resident

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