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Lisa Weathers

Director of Accounting

Lisa Weathers joined Leland Management in 1998 and is currently a Director of Accounting. Her former employment with a large Central Florida development/construction company has provided in depth experience in various aspects of the budgeting process. Her expertise in this area has proved an invaluable resource for our Developer Clients. Presently, Lisa is responsible for overseeing a team of Accounting Managers that provides full accounting services for 100+ associations and thousands of homes throughout the state. Lisa is also responsible for developing and implementing the training process for all of Leland's Accounting Managers.



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Living with wildlife in Florida

Florida is home to an amazing array of wildlife many of which are protected by Federal or State laws and regulations. From birds and fish to reptiles, Florida has it all. Florida’s wildlife and human populations are encountering each other more often than ever before. As people develop more open space and wildlife habitat is …

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Thorough Grasp of the Community

"Darcie was instrumental in getting the Committee up for the task. She exposed the Committee to the history of the community, how finances were managed and areas requiring focus. I love to learn and she accommodated me. Her thorough grasp of the business model on how to manage a community like ours was impressive."

- Tom

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