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Welcome Vendors

Leland Management is thankful to the various vendors that have serviced our managed communities over the years.
Leland Management has a fiduciary responsibility to properly screen all vendors prior to authorizing service requests and bidding out contracts. In order to fulfill this responsibility, Leland Management has signed up with a 3rd party vendor compliance firm named VIVE.

VIVE specializes in certifying vendors in the community management industry. Registration is required for all vendors to continue a relationship with Leland Management. The registration process is streamlined and easy, taking less than 15 minutes and comes with a nominal annual fee.

What's required for registration?

Corporate Information, Trade & License Information, Insurance Information,
Complete a W-9 & Vendor Agreement Pay Annual Fee

Register with VIVE

Vendor Benefits to Registering with VIVE




  • Increased exposure to Leland Management CAMs
  • Appear in search results for future job proposal opportunities
  • Only one approval is needed, even if multiple communities are serviced


Equal Treatment


  • Level the playing field for all vendors working with Leland
  • Reduced competition from uninsured vendors
  • Be rewarded for doing business the right way


Simple, Fast & Easy


  • Easy 15-minute process to register
  • Vive provides great customer service
  • Your approval lasts for a full 12 months


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"Congratulations and thank you again for all of your hard work. The impact you have made to the receivables for the community is significant. Your hard work and dedication shows in the results of your success."

- Carlos, Board Member

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