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Welcome to endless possibilities! Our Ruby websites are the go to option for any HOA looking to effectively communicate with their residents. These sites come equipped with many tools that help homeowners stay up to date with the latest information. Your homepage can be tailored to your needs so homeonwers can sign on and do what needs to be done fast. Announcements can be logged and stored for future reference, and eblasts can be created and sent directly from the website. Calendars, eforms, photo albums, account information, amenities and much more are all available to you. Our Ruby websites are built with homeowners and board members in mind. A unique blend of business and creativity both come into play when we create these websites.

Showcase all your community has to offer in style!
Attract potential home buyers to your community with a stunning website!

Unique Customization

We use a custom built content magangement system that allows us to fully use HTML, CSS, and Javascript to make your website a work of art. This gives you the ability to get creative when it comes to the look and feel of your website. Having full access to the source code also gives you the opportunity to utilize 3rd parties on your website. For example, you can embed a YouTube video to show how much fun last years christmas party was, or embed a survey from Survey Monkey to collect important data and ideas from your residents. The best part about our websites is that you are never alone. Our designers work with you from day one to even after the site is launched to ensure that your website always receives the best care and attention it deserves.

Easy User-Friendly Interface

We understand that everyone is different and not everyone understands technology. So we constantly evaluate our product and mold it to fit all levels of technological prowess. New residents can complete registration in a simple 3 step process, and our websites are always easy to navigate no matter what device you are using. Board members can manage their communities directly from the website. Tasks such as, approvng invoices, viewing comp1iance reports and ARC request are easier than ever! On the developmental side we make it easy for board appointed web-admins to update and edit website information. Our content management software makes adding documents, uploading pictures, and editing text a breeze. If there is ever an issue our resident support staff is standing by to assist.

Resident Portal


Our Resident Portal is included with all association contracts and offers a basic website where homeowners and board members can go for important information. All the essentials like making a payment, editing account information, and viewing important announcements are available. Our Resident Portal is a reliable option and pulls information directly from our HOA management software for homeowners to view directly on the site.

Make Payments Online

Edit Account Information

View Announcements

View Documents

Easy Access Portal

Just like its big sister "Ruby" our Resident Portal is easy to access. New residents can register online and homeowners can login directly from the Leland Management Homepage. Board members also have access to a "Board Area" where they can approve invoices, check ARC request, and print reports. The portal is also visible on multiple devices. So, whether you are at home or on the go your portal is right there with you.

Website Testimonials

"I really enjoy our new website, compared to the other one we had this one is much easier to use, and I don't even like computers. "
- Barbara, Home Owner


"Web design has always been a passion of mine. To see the vision of our communitites come alive and know I played a part in that makes what I do totally worth it."
- Jennifer, Leland Web Designer


Side by Side

Features Ruby Resident Portal
Online Account
Board Area
Custom Pages
Documents Limited
Amenities Pages
3rd-Party Integration
Web Support


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Success Stories

Going Above and Beyond

"I wanted to take this opportunity to let Leland Management know what a great asset they have been for me. Leland goes above and beyond in trying to accommodate the needs and requests of the residents here in the community and always does so with a smile and friendly attitude. Your hard work and dedication are very much appreciated."

- John

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