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Covenants Enforcement Manager
Ref #: CE - Orlando


Covenant Enforcement and ARC Managers are certified and licensed by the State of Florida for Community Association Management. Community Association Managers (CAMs) ensure the entire community is organized and operated in accordance with the association’s governing documents. Responsibilities include working directly with the Board of Directors as well as facilitating solutions to problems within the community. Proficiencies in customer service and supervisory capabilities are required.

Position Responsibilities

  • Become fully knowledgeable and conversant on all the Community's Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.
  • Provide friendly and efficient customer service to all inquiries, including educating residents on covenants requirements, rules and regulations, as well as the architectural review process, and responsibilities of various parties, as needed.
  • Coordinate with Office Administrator to ensure accurate record-keeping for all ARC/ARCNC applications, notifications, and related processes, including regular Committee meetings, meeting notices, meeting minutes, etc. Keep organized record history of all applications. Log, monitor and become familiar with agreed upon scope and completion dates for approved applications. Projects not in compliance with the agreed upon scope or not completed by the agreed date will be migrated to the covenants compliance process immediately.
  • Become fully informed as to approved specifications for exterior finishes and approved landscape design and materials for all new construction projects as they go thru approval process and beyond to ensure compliance with association documents.
  • Responsible for the assignment of applications to Committee Members.
  • Be familiar with the Community's Design Standard Manual, which varies by Village, including knowledge of Florida landscaping, plants, building material, and design and architectural terminology.
  • Send Covenants determination letters to homeowners within 48 hours from the voting decision of the Committee, which is reflected in the meeting minutes.
  • Act as the central coordinator and record-keeper for all covenants related inquiries, including, but not limited to, violation notices and related processes, regular Committee meetings, meeting notices, meeting minutes, etc.
  • Ensure completion (by on-site inspection) of all ARC/ARCNC approved projects within the agreed upon time and consistent with the agreed upon scope. Submit violations/non-compliance to the standard covenants enforcement process.
  • Apply/lift sanctions within 48 hours of Covenants meeting.
  • Send ARC/ARCNC determination letters to homeowners within 48 hours from the voting decision of the Committee of which is reflected in the meeting minutes.
  • Work with Covenants Committee Chair to develop agenda for scheduled meetings. Provide Committee meeting materials to members 48 hours prior to meeting. Covenants Manager is responsible for ensuring all meeting material is current and accurate. Complete meeting minutes.
  • Special projects and other responsibilities as assigned by the Community Association Manager.

    Knowledge, Skills, & Ability

  • Strong working knowledge of customer service principles and practices.
  • Experience with site inspections and conducting meetings is preferred.
  • Ability to read, analyze, and interpret technical procedures, leases, regulations or documents with a similar degree of complexity.
  • Strong interpersonal, leadership, and customer service skills.
  • Proficient and working knowledge of Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, and Outlook).
  • Experience in Association Software such as TOPS is favorable.

Minimum Requirements

Should possess strong managerial background with one (1) to three (3) years of experience as a manager within the association management industry or a similar field such as hospitality, apartments, developer or real estate. Involvement in overseeing the property or building operations, such as staff and service contracts, resident retention and resident improvements is favorable. State of Florida Community Association Manager (CAM) License Required.

Special Requirements

Physical Demands: This position requires a substantial amount of walking as well as driving to complete inspections, and attending meetings. Work Environment: Must be flexible and available to work occasional weekends and evenings.

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Outstanding Professional

"I want to extend my deepest appreciation for your time and efforts yesterday. Leland and especially you have been and continue to be great partners in our efforts to manage this association. You are a truly outstanding property management professional. The residents and Board of Directors of SummerGlen are very fortunate to have the exceptional support you and the entire Leland team provide."

- Gary, Board Member

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